The Hammam: A Truly Immersive Experience!

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I’m sitting in the “hot” chamber of a neighborhood hammam in Marrakech, coated in silky “beldi”, the natural black soap made from olive oil and infused with eucalyptus.  It’s quietest in this room, the air dense with steam. The hammam is an urban oasis: it’s the one place in this arid country where there is […]

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10 Reasons Why Morocco Should Be at the Top of Your Adventure Travel Bucket List

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Filled with ancient cities, coastal resorts, vast desert landscapes, and towering peaks, Morocco is a country that covers just about everything when it comes to adventure travel. Beachgoers will find a coastline that stretches from the Mediterranean to the western Sahara. Hikers can tackle both high-altitude treks and desert journeys to unexpected oases. And all […]


The Five Best Cities to Visit in Morocco (and What Makes Each one Special)

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Long-considered the gateway to Africa, Morocco features cities that are a true fusion of European, African, and Middle Eastern heritage. Don’t choose just one—like members of the same family, each city exudes its own unique personality rooted in a common history. The following five cities display the diversity found in Morocco—from the hip art galleries […]

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8 Amazing Memory-Makers of Morocco

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From sweeping mountain vistas and wind-sculpted sand dunes to exotic souks and Mediterranean beaches, Morocco is an unexpected land of contrasts. The country's combination of European, Arab, Berber, and African influences have created a unique culture to explore in addition to the beautiful landscapes and outdoor opportunities. Whittling down your travel checklist to a reasonable […]

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A Foodie’s Guide to Exploring Morocco

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From ancient spice markets to freshly picked saffron, Morocco overflows with color and flavor. A longtime crossroads for the African, Islamic, and Mediterranean worlds, Morocco's traditional recipes draw influence from around the region, layering flavors in ways that have been handed down from generation to generation. Hospitality is revered here, and sharing food is the […]

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A Country of Contrasts: A Lay of the Land Overview from Coast to Desert

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With the iconic Sahara desert, rugged mountains, and both Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, Morocco’s landscape features a wide variety of unforgettable vistas. Adventurous travelers can follow Berber paths to mountain huts, ski Africa’s highest-altitude resort, and harness the Atlantic wind with a kite or windsurfing sail. And set between the peaks and oasis-like valleys are […]

Todra Gorge

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Driving… driving… driving…We pass through the Valley of the Roses. We decline the opportunity to see rose attar and rose water being made; however, tourism in the area is well developed around rose culture, as most auberges or restaurants have worked a reference to roses into their names in some way. Imad bought a large […]