Goats in Trees

Elain with Goat

You read about how argan oil is produced, and the integral role the goats play in digesting the outer shell of the argan nuts into a state where they can be shelled and processed. But reading about it still doesn’t fully prepare you for the sight of these crazy goats scrambling through the branches of the argan trees!

I can scarcely imagine the job of going through the poop to recover the nuts for processing, but it’s easy to forget that part when the herder puts a soft, warm little kid in your arms, while Mom munches away in the branches above!

It’s also easy to forget that part when your skin is parched out there in the desert, and you find that little argan lip balm – THERE it is! – in the one pocket you didn’t check… or the little pot of argan cream (love the one scented with honey!) that your hands just crave after a day on the road.

I had – and have – serious misgivings about how the production process is demonstrated to us visitors… it was very hard to see my Moroccan sisters sitting on the floor looking up at the tourists who paraded through, and lending my support by buying the products wasn’t enough to ease my discomfort. So I loved my neighbor, Christine’s suggestion for how to deal with that next time: I will sit on the floor with them while the explanation of the process is given!

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