Our Story


Come to the Sahara!

It’s an irresistible invitation, and if you choose to accept it, we promise you an unforgettable experience! We want to transport you in more ways than one! Our transportation service company is the realization of a dream for two people who love the country, its culture and its people, and who want to share that passion with others.

Moroccan tour guide, Imad Zaanoun began guiding visitors to the desert when he was 14. In 2013, he began providing transportation services independently, and registered Sahara Adventures SARL AU in 2014.

Camel Caravan Desert Trek Morocco

Canadian Elaine Dixson first travelled to Morocco in 2013 to participate in a culinary tour that was eventually cancelled – and went to the desert instead! It was a life-changing experience. She fell in love with Morocco, and now thinks of Morocco as her second home.

Imad and Elaine promote tourism to Morocco from English-speaking countries and Europe. When you contact Come to the Sahara! Elaine will help you plan your trip down to every last detail. Together, Imad and Elaine are dedicated to helping you have an experience when you travel with us, not just a tour.

We want you to have the most wonderful time in Morocco, and to leave feeling enriched for having travelled to this amazing country.

We want you to come back again and again!