What to expect

What to Expect

Please see our Travel Tips for more information about what you can expect from a trip to Morocco. We’ve tried to think of just about everything, but we welcome your thoughts and suggestions about what we could add.

But here is what you can expect of us:

  • We hope that your visit to Morocco will be one of the best experiences you ever have in your life. We have developed our tour programs with that goal in mind above all else. You can expect us to listen to you, and help you with information that will enable you to make choices that will satisfy your personal objectives for your trip.
  • We have tried to be both thoughtful and planful in anticipating your needs and expectations. You can expect us to do our best to make adjustments to the program to meet your needs, subject to the needs of others on the trip, or to conditions that are beyond our control.
  • We are also mindful about ensuring your safety and comfort so that you can focus on the pleasures of every new experience. You can expect us to make all decisions about activities, restaurants and accommodations with these considerations our topmost concern. Our drivers are well-rested and our vehicles are well-maintained.

Your experience will be enhanced…

  • If you read or research something about Morocco or the destinations on your tour route so that the things you see and do will be more meaningful to you.
  • If you come looking forward to the new experiences waiting for you – even if you have been to Morocco before. Be prepared to be surprised and amazed – open yourself to everything that’s in store!
  • If you help us by telling us about any specific needs or expectations you have before your trip starts. In particular, if you have any health concerns, you should discuss them with us so we can help you make good decisions about how to take care of yourself while you are on your trip.
  • If, above all, you know yourself. How do you like to travel? What do you like to do? What do you need to enjoy yourself? When you plan to take care of some of your own most personal preferences, you gain a sense of control when so many things are out of your hands. Ultimately, when you take responsibility for the overall quality of your trip, it will truly be yours!

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